Friday, February 21, 2014

Pick O' the Week - February 21

So this week in entertainment I complained about how bad The Lego Movie was, Marvel released the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy (I have to say I'm at war with myself on this one) and Neil Drumming wrote a thought provoking piece on how the rise of the Marvel era SciFi frenzy alienates the property's originally intended target.

In other news the second season of House of Cards nearly broke the internet and this series of 60 second summaries of popular films was brought to my attention, but be careful to only watch the ones you really know the plots for or it's just odd.  I enjoyed Star Wars myself.

Okay, let's do this.

In Theatres: The list of films out this weekend is depressing, uplifted briefly by the prospect of Kit Harington starring in his kit in Pompeii, only to plummet again as soon as you watch the trailer.  In fact, the remake of 1986 comedy About Last Night seems to be the closest thing to an option this weekend.  Starring comedian Kevin Hart, Regina Hall (Scary Movie series), Michael Early (The Good Wife, Almost Human) and Joy Bryant (Bobby, Parenthood), the film examines two types of modern relationships in close proximity and what happens when they implode.  The original film itself was actually based on a David Mamet play so we're getting into intense layers of self-reference here.  Now if neither of those options is your thing, you can always go see the Frozen Sing Along, but you will be surrounded by children as it only plays in the afternoon.  Just, y'know be warned.

At Home: Well Sunday is the big final hockey showdown between Sweden and Canada so many Canadians will be watching that, but for those who don't want to watch (or are upset by watching) the game I would suggest having a look at The Square.  I know I put it in my yearly picks but it really is worth a watch.  Available on Netflix, the documentary follows the progress of several members of the movement to unseat Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as they join with their nation in overthrowing what they see to be a corrupt government.  When the results are less than they hoped for the protesters again take to Tahir square and here is where things get truly interesting.  Already nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, the film is available on Netflix.

On TV: If you're not part of the 2% that ate through House of Cards over the weekend, it's actually worth checking out (I did not enjoy the first season but the second has some things I found compelling).  But I'm having a nerdy week and have been re-watching The Guild from the beginning, to my own surprise and delight.  One of the first web series that came to my attention, the show is now so popular that it's available on both Netflix and Hulu as well as in it's entirety on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel (they've completes season six).  The full season play-throughs are about 1.5hrs per season so it ends up being a lot like watching a movie. 

Retro Re-Watch: I often have trouble picking a retro re-watch because I really didn't watch a whole lot of film when I was younger and our rule is, "It has to be at least fifteen years old."  So this week, I'm going to follow the theme of the entertainment updates: Ghostbusters is now available on Neflix (as is Ghostbuters 2).

Now go enjoy your weekend!

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