Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pick 'O The Week - March 21

Hi everyone, sorry for the late post but I just didn't have the energy yesterday.  It's the second day of spring and there's another 5cm of snow on the ground.  Why?!

Anyway, this week in entertainment news, Bryan Singer is floating the idea of setting the next X-Men movie in the 80's (I'll pay good money to see the 90's cartoon costumes & big hair make an appearance), the much anticipated Veronica Mars movie hit theatres (and we kind of loved it), and teen action property Divergent debuted this weekend (but so far isn't doing as well as hoped).  In other news, the war over net neutrality wages on, and in honour of the Muppet Movie coming out this weekend, Underwire has a piece on the technological advances in modern puppetry featuring highlights from Brian Henson's recent TED talk.  It's honestly pretty cool, and it's a PR stunt for their new competition show airing on SyFy.  I'll probably check that out the show but early reviews seem to suggest that with little hook in the pilot you're likely to drop off unless you're a puppet nerd.

Finally, there's a new Step Up movie coming out July 25th, featuring many return players (guess they were having trouble finding other things to do).  It's likely 3D and poorly plotted but Briana Evigan has traded in last time's water dance for a fire dance.  Dance team danger ahead!

In Theatres: The heavy favourite this weekend is The Grand Budapest Hotel so if you've ever seen and enjoyed a Wes Anderson movie I urge you to go see that as by all accounts it's fantastic (and Matt loved it too).  But if Wes Anderson isn't really your speed then The Muppets Most Wanted (which was released this weekend) is actually reasonably funny.  As ever the script has a lot of, "Wink, wink, nudge, nudge," to it, which makes it entertaining to those who are well versed in all things Muppet.  There are far too many cameos in the film, but even that is alluded to in the end sequence so overall, I enjoyed it.  I'll likely post a review later this week but in the mean time this is the kid friendly pick.

At Home: Veronica Mars!  Given that the film was released for home viewing in tandem with its cinematic release, it's now available to rent or purchase on iTunes, Amazon Now, Flixter and several other platforms.  If you haven't seen the show it may not be your cup of tea but there's enough back story offered to mean that you don't have to have seen the show to watch.  On the other hand, you might want to binge watch the series and culminate in a Sunday night movie.  Who knows.  Either way, it's a decent showing.

On TV: I've been re-watching Supernatural lately, and while it's terribly campy I do love a bit of camp in my television viewing.  One thing I do very much appreciate about later seasons of the show is that they have a very strong awareness of their audience and so a lot of attention has always been paid to the wink and nod of sci-fi fandoms.  On several occasions the boys have been thrust into plotlines one would classify as being meta (an author who writes books about brother's lives only to discover that his plotlines are real and he's actually a prophet, an alternate dimension where Sam and Dean are actors who film a show in Vancouver where they kill a good chunk of the actual show's production staff onscreen).  Anyway, if you have some time I'd suggest watching a few episodes, though you might consider starting with Season 3 as that's really when things hit their stride (and that's after Jeffrey Dean Morgan leaves the show).

Retro Re-Watch: I have always had a lot of trouble with this category.  I didn't watch a lot of films when I was younger so I'm not always the best source for older films.  With that in mind, Netflix has produced a television series based on the the 1996 cult film From Dusk Till Dawn, so I'd suggest re-watching (or watching) the original film.  It's pretty campy but any chance to see young George Clooney slumming it with vampires and I'll take it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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