Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pick O' the Week - March 28

I am turning into Siobhan!

My apologies for my late posting for my Picks of the Week! It has been a little crazy this week. Is Spring even coming? It has been over a week!

While we are waiting for Mother Nature to save us, check out this fantastic video that highlights Wes Anderson's sheer addiction to perfection.

Divergent opened last weekend to rather disappointing reviews. It sold a lot of tickets, but critics were vocal in their negative comparisons to The Hunger Games. I am not sure if this is because everyone and their three-eyed raven loves Jennifer Lawrence. Shailene Woodley may not be well known to the world like J.Law, but she is potentially a much bigger force. I have stayed away from Divergent because I just attempted to read the third book - Allegiant - and I just can't get past how poorly it is written.

In Theatres: GO SEE THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and then read this article. It is probably safe to say that Wes Anderson's newest film is already one of the year's best films.

At Home: Criminally underrated, The Darjeeling Limited is likely Wes Anderson's most under-watched film. Released in 2007, the film tells the story of three brothers (Adrien Broady, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman) who travel across India on a luxury train. Interpersonal relationships, particularly between siblings, have been a common theme in Anderson's films. Everything Anderson did exceeding well in Moonrise Kingdom is because of what he attempted in The Darjeeling Limited. And do not forget to watch the short film Hotel Chevalier, the lead up to the brothers' train voyage.

On TV: CineCritical will soon be heading to San Francisco. Speaking of the city by the bay (and that amazing Otis Redding song!), have you seen HBO's Looking? It is the gay response to Girls (which I cannot watch again! - more on that another day). It stars Jonathan Groff as the nerdy-but-sexy video game designer whose love life is a mess - even compared to his ultra slutty friends. And just wait for the super hot Russel Tovey to appear!

Retro Re-watch: Way back before The Royal Tenenbaums made Wes Anderson a hot commodity in Hollywood, he was a relative unknown in 1998 when Rushmore was released. And before that, in 1996, he released his very first feature film. Co-written with college roommate Owen Wilson, Bottle Rocket stars Wilson alongside brother Luke in a comedy caper surrounding a 75 year plan that begins with a simple heist.

Have a great weekend!

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