Friday, March 7, 2014

Pick O' the Week - March 7

So this week the whole internet was alternately cheered or devastated that Ellen managed to crash twitter with a tweet that was sponsored by Samsung, and felt the need to share it in thousands of micro-blogs....

Moving on.

This past week was the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, which is in its 14th year and celebrates Canadian filmmaking at its best.  Sadly I missed it again this year but it's important to note that this festival has managed to avoid much of what we've previously lamented about the current size of the Toronto International Film Festival by focusing on the community and its involvement in the filmmaking process.  Anyway, something to keep an eye on if you're ever in the area, there's a lot of great talent coming out of that hub.

In other news Matt was kind enough to share his picks for the Oscars, and he ended up being pretty accurate actually (80% accuracy by my count) so congratulations to all the winners, including him.  Nicole Kidman's Grace of Monaco is apparently still kicking around (and not getting any closer to my list of films to sit through) and a trailer for Transformers 4 has been released, in which--as notes-- "Mark Wahlberg found a transformer."  Yup.  That's the most there is to say about it.  And finally, the Tribeca film festival has finally released its full slate for this year and it can be found here.

In Theatres: As ever, the offerings this week are dismal as CineCritical waits for the release of the Veronica Mars Movie next weekend but in the mean time there are still one or two things in theatres worth seeing.  If (against my better judgement) you are interested, The Lego Movie is still out and well reviewed by most people other than me

At Home: Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and Nebraska are all out on DVD as of last week and are all worth watching (though I haven't seen Nebraska yet, this statement is made on the strength of Matt's review).  To that end I'd urge you to watch one of these Oscar favourites but if you're looking for something with a little humour, definitely go for Nebraska.

On TV: I'm not head over heels for any shows at the moment (though I'm eager for Game of Thrones to come back).  Even Scandal didn't wow me when it premiered following its hiatus last week.  So I'm going to suggest having a look at the first season of Heroes, because the more I think about it, the more that show really sticks out in the mind (and not just because they've decided to re-boot it).  If Comic books aren't your thing, check out my post from two weeks ago on the three shows you should watch just the first season of, you might find something you'll like.

Retro Re-Watch: As much as I loved Frozen and feel it was a huge leap forward for female role modeling, I was having a conversation this week about how much better Disney films were when we were kids.  Now I've heard arguments that your brain changes are you age and you become unable to like new music as you get older.  If that's true I'd argue that it's probably true (to some degree) about your taste in films.  Then again, those older Disney films are probably just so tightly wrapped in nostalgia for us that it's hard to see the faults....of which there are many.  At any rate, this week I suggest The Little Mermaid.  Because yes, is has it's problems but isn't Ursula just fab?

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