Friday, April 18, 2014

Pick O' The Week - April 18

Happy Easter weekend everyone, this post is coming to you from a day that I'm not at work so that's a nice break.  At any rate, if you're in North America it's likely you'll get either Friday or Monday off to good on ya!

In entertainment news this week, the first official trailer for Gone Girl starring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck was released.  It's based on a Gillian Flynn novel that I haven't had the pleasure to read yet, but if it's anything like Dark Places then it should prove to be an engrossing story.  Tomorrow will mark the return of a show I've been raving about all year (and to which Matt recently was drawn): Orphan Black.  I'm telling you....WATCH THIS SHOW!  And start with season one please.

In other news, David Cronenberg's new film Map To The Stars has a trailer now, and there's a trailer floating around for the new Rosemary's baby starring Zoe Saldana but I just can't bring myself to watch it.  Happily this week saw Wes Anderson's brilliant Grand Budapest Hotel hit 100 Million at the box office, becoming his highest grossing film to date, and Pharell showed his manliness by crying while watching people dance to his song...Happy.

Oh yeah, and some more stuff happened on Game of Thrones, no?

On to the picks!

In Theatres: I really enjoyed Captain America and while I don't necessarily think that box office numbers equal quality (*cough* Twighlight *cough*), I do think that sustained box office numbers are likely indicative of popularity if nothing else.  At any rate, it's a good cinematic adventure that reminds me of reading an actual comic (which is a squee moment for any avid comic fan).  Check it out if you've enjoyed any of the other comic properties, you may like it.

At Home: I was pretty disappointed when The Heat first came out but in having now re-watched it, I have to say it's better at a second viewing.  Still not perfect but definitely better than I'd originally thought.  Melissa McCarthy chews the scenery as Detective Shannon Mullins, a Boston area policewoman whose unorthodox ways chafe the very soul of Sandra Bullock's uptight FBI agent Sarah Ashburn.  Ultimately it's a buddy cop movie which happens to have two women in it and will satisfy your need for action (and swearing, MAN do they swear a lot in this movie).

On TV: Uh yeah, Orphan Black. Hands down.  Get your ass to the store and buy this on DVD then watch it all at once.  Or you can order it from Amazon as linked above.  Unfortunately BBC American has handed over streaming rights to Amazon Prime so if you have that you should also be able to get it there but watch it.  Tatiana Maslany is the be all end all.

Retro Re-Watch: Desk Set starring Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn.  It makes virtually no sense and features Kate as truly the wimpiest of idols but ultimate was sort of enjoyable if only for the whole robots vs. man dilemma they barely touched upon.  It's a comedy folks and it's pretty short, enjoyable, kitschy and I do love Tracey and Hepburn together.  Anyway, it's worth a lazy watch if you have time and is available on Netflix.


  1. I am so excited for Orphan Black! I watched that special hosted by Will Wheaton, but I was so turned off by his self-important behaviour. Tatiana Maslany is a-maz-ing.

  2. +100000 re: Tatiana :)

    Yeah, Will Wheaton is an acquired taste but his love of boardgames has won me over. He hosts a show called 'Table Top' on the Geek & Sundry network (YouTube) where he and three random semi-celebs play a boardgame. It's enjoyable.