Friday, April 25, 2014

Pick O' the Week - April 25

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Woody Allen's classic New York lovestory Manhattan. I wish I could still visit Allen's Gershwin-inspired city. You can check out this article comparing Allen's 1979 Manhattan and 2009's Whatever Works at Film School Rejects.

There is also an interesting infographic from Entertainment Weekly that looks at how much money can be profited cinemetically from specific sports. Football is the most lucrative sport on the big screen, with Sandra Bullock's Oscar-winning performance in The Blind Side earning the most money.

And since when does The Big Lebowski not count as a bowling movie!?

This week's new releases include Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman in the 1983-set The Railway Man, which premiered quietly at TIFF, the over-hyped and over-promoted The Quiet Ones - where the only notable name is former Mad Men star Jared Harris, and The Other Woman, starring two of my least favourite blonde actresses, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz. Did you know it is at least the seven film with that title?

In Theatres: Tilda Swinton's reunites with American independent cinema legend Jim Jarmusch for the vampire-themed film Only Lovers Left Alive. Swinton stars as Eve, a centuries-old vampire living in Tangier. Her soulmate is the reclusive musician Adam (Tom Hiddleston), who spends his days in obscurity in Detroit. The two are reunited and their lives further complicated by the appearance of Eve's sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska). Only Lovers Left Alive is offbeat with very little action. The story is deliberately slow, but the plot and the characters are well created and Swinton offers a tremendous performance, as always.

At Home: Kristen Wiig has smartly avoided a sequel to her incredibly successful 2011 film Bridesmaids which she co-wrote with Annie Mumolo. The pair were nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards and Melissa McCarthy became an overnight success. McCarthy has not quite found a firm foothold in Hollywood and Wiig has had limited success, but Bridesmaids remains one of the single funniest films of the past few years. Check it out on Netflix.

On TV: Siobhan stole my thunder offering Orphan Black, which returned triumphantly last week. So now I am left to choose another show. Fargo was one of my favourite films of the 90s - and Frances McDormand absolutely deserves her Oscar for Best Actress - but I was unconvinced that FX needed to turn the Coen brothers' film into an inspired-by-the-film miniseries. The pilot had me hooked, with Martin Freeman enjoying the starring role once occupied by William H. Macy. Even Billy Bob Thornton is a nice addition to the cast. A lot of comparisons can and will be made to the Coens' film, but I am willing to see what happens.

Retro Re-watch: Thirty-five years since Manhattan? Go watch it. Now.

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