Friday, June 20, 2014

Pick O' the Week - June 20

Hey everybody!  This week in entertainment news I discovered the thinly veiled sexual innuendo that is Flash Gordon and Harrison Ford hurt his ankle, which promptly turned into leg surgery (cause he's old, right?).  In other news, the trailer for About Alex makes me simultaneously happy that there's such a think as "The Big Chill for Millenials" and sad that there's such a think as "Millenials."  And finally, the five remaining Monty Python members will have a live special airing on the Sundance channel.

Also, I've been waiting to see Dear White People FOREVER (as has everyone else if the film's youtube channel comments are to be believed).  Here's the teaser trailer, which highlights the film's lead, Ms. Tessa Thompson (Heroes, Private Practice) while quickly getting across the film's premise.

Okay, on to the picks!

In theatres: This week I managed to catch Don McKellar's re-imagining of the 2003 French-Canadian La grande s√©ductionThe Grand Seduction takes place in a tiny fishing village in Newfoundland that has been in decline as jobs continue to dry up.  In a desperate attempt to entice a big oil company to open their "petrochemical refinery" in their quiet village, the characters agree to hoodwink a doctor from "the big city" into being their physician.  With solid comedic performances from all the actors, Kitsch in particular stands out in how much he doesn't stand out (I generally can't stand his acting).  In this case however, he's exactly who he needs to be and Gleeson's Murray French is exactly the right choice.  The film is entertaining throughout and surprisingly funny.  I suggest you check it out.

At Home: Dangerous Liaisons, the 2012 Chinese adaptation which is, "loosly based" on the 18th century French Novel and stars Ziyi Zhang (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero) and Dong-gun Jang (The Warrior's Way).  As in the original (and countless adaptations since) the story revolves around the seduction and sexual exploits of a pair of ex-lovers who set out on a wager involving the beautiful and innocent Du Fenyu (Zhang).  While it's not an award winner, there's a style to this one that I enjoy, definitely worth checking out.

On TV: "A penny dreadful...was a type of British fiction publication in the 19th century that usually featured lurid serial stories appearing in parts over a number of weeks, each part costing one (old) penny..., were printed on cheap pulp paper, and were aimed primarily at working class adolescents." (Wikipedia).  The Showtime series (which I've just recently started watching) features lurid stories to be sure and strong language but far less excessive gore than I was expecting.  Most surprising however is Ava Green's portrayal of Ms. Vanessa Ives, a fierce woman with an unusual talent that has yet to fully reveal itself. Also starring the likes of Billie Piper, Timothy Dalton and Josh Hartnett, the storylines thus far have been intriguing. If you enjoy any type or horror or Victorian mysteries then this one may be for you. 

Retro Re-Watch: Two words: Flash Gordon.  I discovered it and all its campy, eighties, fantasy glory and it really think it's worth watching (with friends and snacks and possibly drinks).  It is 100% a product of the time in which it was made but that just adds to the level of ridiculousness.  If you have ever enjoyed watching a campy, old movie then this one's for you.

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