Friday, August 1, 2014

Pick O' the Week - August 1

This week in entertainment, Magic in the Moonlight has not been getting very positive reviews, and Slate has cut together a mash up trailer of the Harry Potter series as filtered through the recently released Boyhood called Potterhood.  An unfortunate combination of explosions and release date had the marketing team for Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles apologizing this week and Gal Gadot revealed that she's actually playing Xena Warrior Princes, not Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman fiasco.

In other news, Audra McDonald made history in June when she accepted her sixth career Tony award but her show, Lady Day at the Emerson Bar & Grill has recouped its costs and now stands to make a profit.  Full of Billie Holiday music, this one sounds like a real winner to me!

And now, on to the picks!

In Theatres: Well it's no contest for what I'm going to recommend this week, especially since I've now seen Lucy (review to follow).  Guardians of the Galaxy has not only been one of my most anticipated movies of the summer but has come out with a very high rating and positive buzz from many sources close to the production (it currently has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes).  Ultimately it looks to be the blockbuster summer movie that we've been searching for and I'm hoping it is because that's something that this summer has been sorely missing.  It's out in theatres across North America today so check it out.

At Home: I really enjoyed The Way Way Back.  While Matt and I may disagree on the use of Steve Carrel  as crappy boyfriend Trent, the over all cadence of the film is very good.  It sort of waffles between being contemplative and funny but always manages to show the point of view of Duncan (Liam James, whom you may recognize from The Killing).  For me I think the nicest thing about this film is that it really captured all the peculiarity and fun that makes up a summer when you're in your teens and how much you really learn about yourself when you work your first summer job.  Sam Rockwell is perfectly cast as Water Park manager and big brother figure Owen and there's even a small part for Miss Mya Rudolf (whom I love).  This one's available on Netflix and definitely worth a watch.

On TV: Every summer with regular season shows closing up shop we hit a combination of mid-season replacement and dead air.  With that in mind, I always start looking for shows I haven't yet enjoyed (like watching Six Feet Under or The Wire nearly 10 years after they aired) but every so often I discover something new that I really enjoy.  It's still early but You're the Worst airs on FX and manages to occupy a space that I've been having trouble finding.  Lately I've been finding that television thinks that to be edgy it has to be racist or openly hostile towards women or the LGBT community, which I have no time for.  What's nice about You're the Worst (at least so far) is that while the main characters are self centered, they're not hostile or bigoted.  They may say terrible things but the one liners are always situational and have little to do with pushing the envelope of what television audiences are willing to listen to (yes Married, I love Pam Grier but I'm calling you out).  There's lots of sex talk and it's FX to there is certainly nudity but if you're okay with both those things then this is a cute little half hour comedy.

Retro Re-Watch: How To Marry a Millionaire.  This one's been on my list for awhile as it seems well poised to be an enjoyable few hours to spend with your favourite actresses.  Incidentally it also seems apropos since I'll be attending a wedding this weekend, huzzah! It really is the worst trailer though.  Truly awful.

Until next week....

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