Friday, October 10, 2014

Pick O The Week - Oct 9

It's Thanksgiving everyone! Well it's Thanksgiving in Canada anyway, so it's a long weekend ahead let's take a look at this week and entertainment news.

First up, Word and Film took a look at movies mentioned in episodes of the Gilmore Girls (stick with me for a second because the list is actually pretty great), Underwire took a look at the real life historical medical practices featured in The Knick, and SNL once again screwed the pooch (though Silverman's monologue was pretty great).

In other news, The 90s PC game 'Myst' has been optioned for development, Jennifer Jason Leigh has been tapped to star in Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, and I watched the new CBC show Strange Empire based on the strength of the reviews coming out, and hated it (more on that in a later post).

In Theaters: This past weekend CineCritical checked out David Lynch's new film Gone Girl. We're hoping to have a full review in the coming week(s), but in the meantime I'll say this: we loved it. This is definitely one for the record books mostly on the strength of Rosamund Pike's performance. While one of the things I've always enjoyed about Gillian Flynn's writing is that her characters are three-dimensional in their very nature, Pike elevates the character of missing wife to a whole new level. The tone set by the cinematography and score is just right, though all attendance agreed it could've been a bit shorter, and the fact that Ben Affleck played the lead was inconsequential.

At Home: As with previous weeks, I've been enjoying the catalog that Netflix has to offer. In nursing a cold, I also managed to get through a lot more of my list than normal. One that surprised me given I'm not usually excited about documentaries was I Know That Voice. While the doc itself is not particularly well organized, it gets away with a lot because of its subject matter: voice over work. As with the previous choice this one's a little bit long but you'll be hard-pressed to find a more engaging subject especially once they start reading Shakespeare using the voices of your favorite cartoon characters. Featuring interviews by some of voice overs biggest stars, this one is enjoyable, light, and definitely worth checking out.

On TV: With the new season of television just beginning I'm finding it hard to discover new an enjoyable shows. This is, of course, nothing new for me as every year I seem to lament the new offerings. That said, there are a few that strike me as interesting and which I'll be taking a look at as we move forward with the season. One show I haven't mentioned yet, and which has been surprisingly enjoyable if a little inaccessible to certain demographics, is Garfunkel and Oates.  Sharp, clever, and frequently compared to flight of the Concordes, Kate Macucci and Riki Lindhome are a couple of struggling musicians living together and dealing with womanhood. Highlights of each episode include a clever song interlude discussing anything from the smugness of pregnant women, to the sheer cliff that is turning thirty. Check out their YouTube channel for clips from the show and if you like what you see there I urge you to check this one out.

Retro Re-watch: Recently I rewatch to Mansfield Park, and I have to say it holds up. A slightly quirky take on a Jane Austen classic, Fanny Price, is clever, self-assured, and easily likable. as with any Jane Austen heroin, Fanny faults (while Austin would have you believe her fault is thinking too highly of herself, a modern audience might suggest Fanny's indecision to be her actual issue). If you're a fan of Austin, quirky. Pieces, or romance in general this one is a good afternoon watch.

Happy Long Weekend everyone!

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