About Us

We have started Cinecritical to share our love of movies and entertainment with the world. While this blog will undoubtedly feature a lot of reviews and insightful musings, let's hope that our unique and often contrasting opinions will lead to a whole lot of fun!


A longtime lover supporter of film, Matt began The Fffurbelow in 2009 to chronicle his adventures in film land. Along the way he has provided thoughtful reviews and insightful advice for his readers and hopes to continue that tradition with CineCritical.com. He can be contacted at Matt@CineCritical.com.

Creator and currator of the entertainment blog The Clandestine Media Critic, Siobhan has had a lifelong love affair with film and television. With CineCritical.com she hopes to expand her interests and build a site readers can trust for film advice. She can be contacted at Siobhan@CineCritical.com.